It’s an emotional day so many people are hurting and I can only offer words. I know its more than most people can do or are wiling to do but it just doesn’t feel like enough. What are words when heartbreak runs so deep and pain has spanned what seems like lifetimes…and on top of it all you have your own shit going on that you are trying to work through day by day and you can only think of how dark your days were. I wouldn’t wish this deep sadness of my friends or clients on anyone…I know how much it hurts, how the pain is like a constant stabbing and then it’ll subside into the most dull ache that is persistent and annoying like a fly buzzing that you can’t seem to kill or let out of the window. It follows you around like a dark cloud and I don’t understand why the fuck life has to be so damn heavy. Why does it have to be so hard for so many people with amazing hearts and souls? It is daunting to see it and not be able to do much more than offer an I’m sorry or food or a hug which in reality don’t do anything but provide a band-aid for a wound that needs surgery.

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