Do you sometimes wish you could just turn your brain off? I find that sleep doesn’t help with this exhaustion I feel because it’s my soul that is tired. I will admit, I am sensitive. I would even go far to say too sensitive, or overly sensitive but it is WHO I am, it is a large part of my being. I have tried to stop apologizing for being sensitive because it has it’s perks too. I am very intuitive and in tune with how I am feeling and I usually have a pretty good idea of why I feel the way I do. It makes me a hit with abused animals…ask anyone who knows me their animals all love me, and the rescue I worked with almost always gave me their most “broken” pups because I had a way to calm their spirits. Babies love me, and often I get hug from random babes and I have had a few actually try and LEAVE with me. It is the very thing that makes me who I am. It is also the bane of my existence in the day to day world. I shit you not, sometimes I get mad at people for not giving money to homeless people or not saying please and thank you. I don’t mean that I feel a little salty I get angry or I feel physically sick. I overthink everything…I remember a time about two weeks ago the host at my job had a question that I answered when I was busy and stressed…I didn’t MEAN to be condescending but after I realized how harsh my tone sounded. I wanted to apologize to her and I thought about it every day for three days. It is so exhausting to feel overwhelmed by innocent human interactions. I am fine when everything in my life is perfectly harmonious and not plagued with disagreements or criticism, which sadly I have realized isn’t majority of the time. If you are sensitive like I am here are 5 tips to help you get through the day, it is exhausting feeling everything so deeply, but also it is insanely rewarding.

1.       Find something that can distract you

By this I mean not watching the news, or something political. As a sensitive person these things can have a really heavy impact on you. Hearing about a young child being killed, or a family killed in an accident, or Trump’s latest hateful comments can get to anyone even with the toughest skin. Find something light, something funny, something that keeps you in the present enjoying the thing that is in front of you. I like coloring, I like the way it keeps my mind from thinking about if I will get married, what my GPA will be when I graduate, who will attend my funeral. (I seriously think about all of the above way more than I should). Find the thing that distracts you. Here are a few things that help me take a step back: Playing or cuddling with my gorgeous and perfect dog (My dog is seriously the best dog ever), watching a funny movie or my favorite show, running on the elliptical while listening to some awesome jams, writing, hanging out with friends, making and eating sweet treats. You get the idea J

2.       Learn what things trigger extra sensitivity in you:

For me I know things about violence are a huge trigger for me, homelessness also is something that can make me extra sensitive, hearing things about oppressed people. I want to work with individuals experiencing homelessness. I have to understand why this triggers this emotion in me…which is that I feel helpless. I have to constantly remind myself that I cannot and will solve all of problems in the world but to do what I can, where I am, when I can. This is so important for functioning especially if you are going into a profession like social work like I am, medicine, law enforcement, or even teaching. Be aware of your triggers and if possible try and reframe them to reflect something positive. For instance, I cannot help every person who has fallen on their luck, but I can give a few dollars here and there to help someone and tell them they are loved. Lasting impacts are important…and that is all I can do where I am currently.

3.       Meditate

Guided meditation has helped me so much, you can find podcasts on google play, iTunes, and youtube and the ones I have found are FREE. When nothing else seems to calm your mind, these will be your saving grace!!

4.       Take time to feel your feelings

That sounds sort of redundant to feel your feelings but so often we feel sadness, or anxiety in a socially acceptable way. We might not cry when we want to, we might not scream out in the coffee shop when we feel anxious. Find your safe place, and let lose. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to scream, then scream. If you need to punch your pillow, then do it. A good way my therapist taught me to express my anger was to take a rag in the shower and just slap it against the shower, scream if you need to and cuss if you want. This was so beneficial for me and was the first step in me being okay with feeling anger because for a while it made me very uncomfortable.

5.       Remind yourself that your sensitivity is needed

In a world of people who are self-involved and don’t care about others the world desperately NEEDS people who do care, who experience the suffering of others, who care about the well-being of those society has deemed as untouchable. Your sensitivity is something you should be proud of!


If you are looking to learn more about being sensitive, check out Dr. Elaine Aron’s test on being a highly sensitive person here:

She has some great books The Highly Sensitive Person and The Highly Sensitive Person in Love.


For some free material by Dr. Aron you can read her blog here:

Happy reading my sensitive babes, and remember you are essential to the function of the universe. Sending you ALL my love and light,

XOXO Harmony

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