Why am I taking a teaching job in China? I’ve never formally taught within a classroom, I’ve never traveled to China much less lived abroad. I just lost my father not even a full two months ago and here I am making the move of a lifetime. WHY?


Let me start by saying this is something I have wanted to do for over a year. I’d been interviewing at a few schools but nothing was working out. My dad was sick and quite honestly I was scared to make that big of a move. Who could blame me? After he passed I found myself as disconnected and as numb as ever


Things are different now, and I’m ready to take you on my journey of why I decided to teach abroad, the process of getting a job, moving to China, and my adjustments.

Moving is scary as hell and I am mortified, but also more excited than I have been in a really long time. But none the less…


Here are 5 reasons I decided to move


  1. I’d really lost who I was. I graduated college, quit my post bac program and felt directionless. I’d decided social work wasn’t for me, I’d lost relationships that I thought were fundamental to my existence. I wanted to find out who I truly was. I wanted to see who I could be outside of my daily reminders of trauma. Sure moving is just a change of geography and problems are still problems…but living outside of others expectations for me meant me giving myself the permission to reinvent and change.
  2. Adventure makes you become self sufficient. Do you ever find yourself consulting with people you love every single time you make a small decision? Do you find yourself changing your position or your plan based on other people’s opinions? That my dear, is lack of self trust. Consulting trusted counsel is good, but when used as a crutch to make a choice it becomes detrimental. Peoples opinions are BIASED, they are based off their OWN experiences. I wanted to make a decision that was based on me, what I felt I needed, what I craved…and that was to move abroad. I am hopeful this experience will help me get out of my comfort zone. I don’t want my life to be a summary of other people’s choices for me. I want my life to be a collage of all my failures and successes, love and loss…and I want it to be f u l l y me.
  3. I needed time to figure out my next steps. I had a job that has an amazing boss, and honestly the compensation was more than generous. I really never dreaded going to work or counted the minutes,..but I knew that this wasn’t it for me. I knew I couldn’t spend the rest of my life selling insurance. Going to China for me was a chance to try something new I’ve never done and provide me with my next point, financial freedom.
  4. Financial freedom. My job in the States was definitely generous, but as someone who was able to have money left over after paying bills every month getting adjusted to paying for everything after my dad’s death was shocking. I wanted a pathway that required me to go into less debt, while I could feed my interest, like dancing, yoga, traveling, reading, and writing. In China my max work hours per week is only 30 hours (Cool right? Maybe I should add this on as a reason!) This job will give me the ability to save a TON, and have fun while doing it.

LASTLY:  Because I needed to. I had to get out of my normal day to day surroundings. I had to insist upon myself and learning to create boundaries, I had to get a fresh start. These things at this point in my life were no longer optional, they were necessary. I could no longer be absorbed in who people had gotten used to me being. I couldn’t handle a single day more of this life that felt like a shirt that fit too tight. I couldn’t continue to let people’s opinions dictate my feelings about what was best for me. So here I am moving across the world with 101 days to prepare (now done to 98) . I have got a car to get rid off, countless pieces of clothing, furniture. It’s going to be a wiiiild ride. So stay tuned

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